SoulCollage® for Me...

SoulCollage® for me is a sacred listening practice. It is a very personal form of prayer that takes me to the place where soul and Divine Consciousness meet. From the hilarious to the terrifying, the complicated to the serene, each card is a gift, an offering from Me to me. The practice of SoulCollage® merges all of the senses into one fluid motion of inner awakening; sight becomes sound, becomes touch-opening memory to taste, smell and the mysterious sixth sense of intuitive knowing. Creation and creativity flow through each of us in all moments. SoulCollage®, like yoga, meditation, prayer, dance, song and deep uproarious laughter has the power to remind us of this truth. I have experienced every card to be Love at first sight (even the shadowy ones)…a love that grows as I blossom into the woman I am becoming, day by day, moment by moment.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Feeling Blessed (Committe)

I am the one...
...who is receiving a blessing

...who is looking into my own healing path
...who is receiving the Source; inside and outside
...who is humbled and small
...who is looking deeper and deeper

I made this card at a recent SoulCollage retreat led by
Anne Marie (kaleidosoul) and Anne (art heals the soul)
and shared with some awesome soul-sisters (including the magnificent Cheryl Finley)